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Morrone del Sannio


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Morrone del Sannio, Campobasso, Italia (in Italiano)
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Greetings from Morrone del Sannio,

If you have received this message it's because you have been chosen to be part of our online community at If you or one of your family members was born in Morrone you have this unique opportunity to be part of our online community.

Though our web site is not entirely complete we are registering people in advance to become part of our online experience.

What would you experience at Morrone del Sannio?
Well this web site is geared to be interactive, which simply implies the more people joining our community the more chances of becoming reacquainted with family members and friends that share a common interest, Morrone.

What would I find at
There are many sections to our web site that are complete and are suited for everyone. For instance you can chat online, take the online tour, see profiles of our online community members, view a list of family names in Morrone, read "il Morronese" and plenty more.

What does it take to become a community member?
First of all it's FREE, therefore there is no obligation on your part. All that we ask is that you complete a form that contains your personal profile that can be shared online to our community members.

Our objective at is to reunite everyone that has ancestors in Morrone del Sannio that have moved to other regions of Italy, America, Canada, Argentina, France etc. We would like to inform all our members as much as we can so that we don't forget where our roots came from. Above all, it is a place where we can call home.

Please help us promote our web site. If you know someone that has ancestors in Morrone del Sannio please forward this email to him or her. If however, you decide to promote our web site by word of mouth please remember that our address does not contain www after http:// to access or web site.

We look forward to your visit.


Carlo Iorio
Your Webmaster
Please note: This is the unofficial web site of Morrone del Sannio therefore there is no funding to our website or nor do we ask anyone to do so. Our site is hosted free by This web site is for informational purposes only.